Stock Number: 56063

Platform size: 40 Feet

Platform Kind: Flexible

645DH0202 DESTINATION UNITED STATES 645DH 645DH0409 OPERATION MANUAL - ENGLISH 645DH 645DH0905 DUAL KNIFE DRIVE 645DH 645DH1005 POLY TINE PICKUP REEL 645DH 645DH5601 LESS CORROSION PROTECTION 645DH 645DH8541 ONE PCE SPARE KNIFE 645DH This unit has a Crary Wind System on it, sickles have been replaced 200 acres. Very nice unit, great in Soybeans.
31341 U.S. Hwy 18
Winner, SD 57580

Phone: (605) 842-2040
Toll Free: (800) 658-3440
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