Stock Number: 60064

Combine Type: Corn/Bean

Duals/Singles: Duals

Options: Lateral Tilt Feederhouse

Clean machine for the hours. GP sieve and chaffer. Small wire and large wire concaves. Drive tires 50% rears 40%. 162KH0599 NO PACKAGE 162KH 162KH0830 PREMIER CAB 162KH 162KH1570 C. M. HI TORQUE VAR SPD 162KH 162KH1730 XTRA/HICAP/LIFT/CYL 162KH 162KH2805 ROUND BAR CONCAVE 162KH 162KH3510 GEN PURPOSE CHAFFER 162KH 162KH3855 GEN PURP SYS W/HI CP 26' AUG 162KH 162KH4170 WD SPRD EXT F CUT W/POW TBRD 162KH 162KH4320 HVY DTY FINAL DRIVE 162KH 162KH4440 TRANS LESS PRODRIVE N HARVES 162KH 162KH4646 20.8-42**R1 / 520/85R42 DUAL 162KH 162KH4920 ADJ/REAR-AXLE/HVYDTY-SPINDLE 162KH 162KH5170 600/65R28 147A8 R1W 162KH 162KH6705 LESS TEM SRFC/CORROSION PROT 162KH 162KH7030 110 VOLT COOLANT HEATER 162KH 162KH7150 CLEAN/GRAIN-AUGR&FANBTM/PROT 162KH 162KH9020 VIDEO CAMERA OBSERV SYS 162KH 162KH9076 GOLD KEY EXPERIENCE 162KH 162KH9240 SM/WIRE/SMGRN/CONCAVE/SETOF3 162KH 162KH9988 NO TIRE PREFERENCE 162KH
31341 U.S. Hwy 18
Winner, SD 57580

Phone: (605) 842-2040
Toll Free: (800) 658-3440
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