Stock Number: 67567

Operation Hours: 5456
JD 524K High Lift unit with 3 yard MDS Bucket and will have new grab tech grapple. Tires are 20.5R25 Diamond Tires with 80% tread, paint is in good condition has some paint missing, quick attach bucket, interior clean and will be detailed inside and out. Unit does not have the bucket that is in the codes. STANDARD GATHERING GROUP 7550DW 7550DW0924 FT4 ENGINE 7550DW 7550DW1010 STD 524K LOADER 7550DW 7550DW1110 TRANSMISSION WO AX DISC 7550DW 7550DW1215 130AMP ALTERNATOR 7550DW 7550DW1330 MUFFLER WITH CHROME EXHAUST 7550DW 7550DW1430 AIR INTAKE W PRECLEANER 7550DW 7550DW1520 REVERSE FAN DRIVE 7550DW 7550DW1610 FUEL TANK W STD FILTER 7550DW 7550DW170C JDLINK ULT 5 YEAR SERVICE 7550DW 7550DW1915 STEERING CYLINDERS NG 7550DW 7550DW2020 HI-LIFT ZBAR LINKAGE SYSTEM 7550DW 7550DW2120 CONVENTIONAL STEERING 7550DW 7550DW2230 SEAT, DELUXE W/O LH STEERING 7550DW 7550DW2432 3FN/JYSTK/1AUX/FNR 7550DW 7550DW2510 RIDE CONTROL SYSTEM 7550DW 7550DW2605 ENGLISH DECALS 7550DW 7550DW2708 8 AMP CONVERTER 7550DW 7550DW2890 NO PAYLOAD SCALE 7550DW 7550DW3049 AXLE,W/ HYD FRONT & REAR 7550DW 7550DW3120 AXLE MANUAL DIFF LOCK 7550DW 7550DW4421 20.5R25 1 STAR L3 MI-3PC RIM 7550DW 7550DW5540 FULL COV FR FNDR/R PLATFORM 7550DW 7550DW5610 LEFT SIDE STEPS 7550DW 7550DW7140 PREMIUM LED LIGHT PACKAGE 7550DW 7550DW8220 CAST HITCH 7550DW 7550DW8310 OUTSIDE MIRRORS 7550DW 7550DW8422 CAB WITH AIR 7550DW 7550DW8450 AC CHARGE 7550DW 7550DW8560 ZBAR COUPLER 7550DW 7550DW8862 4.5 LM BUCKET-STD COUPLER 7550DW 7550DW9015 ENGINE BLOCK HEATER 7550DW 7550DW9043 ENVIRONTMENTAL DRAIN 7550DW 7550DW9065 AXLE COOLER 7550DW 7550DW9106 STD RADIO AM/FM/WB 7550DW 7550DW9420 TRANSMISSION GUARDS 7550DW 7550DW9525 SMV EMBLEM
31341 U.S. Hwy 18
Winner, SD 57580

Phone: (605) 842-2040
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