OUr mission
To provide the best product at a reasonable price with the highest level of service.

Our Vision
Successfully maintain core values of the generation business while progressing in the industry’s innovations with emphasis on customer services, employee compensation and community patronage.

Our Heritage
Charles Jacob Grossenburg and his wife Blanche founded Grossenburg Implement in 1937. What started as a passion for selling and trading cattle and hogs in Omaha and Sioux Falls turned into an opportunity to sell and trade tractors in the Tripp County area of South Dakota – the need for two cylinder tractors was on the rise during WWII and so began Grossenburg Implement.

Now in its 4th generation, Grossenburg Implement carries forward the tradition of service established by Charles and Blanche so many years ago by working to prove ourselves everyday.

(L to R - Barry, Charlie, Jackson and Gene Grossenburg)