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Contact  info for store leadership, parts and service managers at your local stores.

Tom Renner Store Lead, 605-840-8235
Tommy Vaughn, Integrated Solutions, 605-222-9716
Chad Peterson, Parts, 605-840-9427 OR After Hours Parts #605-840-2350
Thad Briggs, Service, 605-840-1819
Jeff Swartz, Store Lead & Integrated Solutions, 605-841-9989
Jason Hanson, Service, 605-840-1304
Jim Cruse, Parts, 605-222-9714
Jay Welk, Store Lead, 605-222-2665
Matt Burtz, Service & Integrated Solutions, 605-515-0952
Jason Petersen, Service 605-441-0001
Jacob Jedlicka, Integrated Solutions, 605-685-5921
Mike Schultz, Parts, 605-441-9556, After Hours Parts #605-454-1894
Belle Fourche
Clint Englehart, Store Lead, 605-280-8942
Trent Raisanen, Parts, 605-569-0194
Howard Smith, Service & Integrated Solutions, 605-569-0117
Will Yemington, Store Lead, 307-281-0003
Helen Frisby, Parts 307-281-0075

Shonn Endres, Store Lead, 402-640-2335
Sandi Miller, Parts, 402-369-2681
Ben Lauck, Service & Integrated Solutions, 402-369-3133
Doug Sudbeck, Store Lead, 402-841-5113
Terry Korth, Parts, 402-640-9303, After Hours Parts #402-841-8591
Justin Dickes, Service & Integrated Solutions, 402-640-3843
Mark L Koch, Store Lead, 402-360-3321
Alan Finn, Parts, 402-369-1107 & After Hours Parts #402-369-0255
Craig Bathke, Service, 402-841-5026
Doug Olson, Integrated Solutions, 402-369-0501

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