Field Connect

Intuitive and easy to use, John Deere Field Connect comes with the full support of Grossenburg Implement. Now, you can know when yield-robbing moisture variances occur, plot to plot and field to field. Field connect is a straight forward solution that uses field-installed probes to measures moisture and the root system of the plant throughout growth at various depths. The information is then sent to a 3rd party agronomy solutions center where analysis takes place and recommendations are made. All information is secure and confidential to view or pass on to whomever the customer wants to give the information to.

Field Connect Overview with Integrated Solutions Manager, Doug Olson

Grossenburg John Deere Field Connect Support Plan
  • Site selection to install the Field Connect System (consult with 3rd party specialists, see video below)
  • Proper installation of Field Connect Gateway and Probe
  • Setup of the Field Connect website for customer locations and conditions
  • Monitoring the operation of the system weekly through the growing season
  • Water management consulting from 3rd party, including
    • Weekly phone consultation on crop water needs and soil moisture levels
    • Suggested irrigation schedule based on 7 day forecast
  • Removal and storage of the Field Connect Gateway and Probe before harvest
  • Year end website maintenance and reports
  • Rain Gauge installed with gateway and probe
(contact your dealer for pricing/details)
Craig Marsh, Complete Agronomy Solutions, discusses taking the guess work out of watering corn with John Deere Field Connect.

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