JDLink 4G Terminal Upgrade

JDLink 4G Terminal Upgrade

JDLink 4G Terminal Upgrade


JDLink terminals are responsible for the data connections between machines and the servers
that feed us the information. This allows for customers to see their field work data and machine
health while also connecting the machine to the dealership for processes such as Expert Alerts.
Expert Alerts being the process that notifies the service department of diagnostic codes that
could lead to machine downtime.

Having an active terminal also provides services such as Remote Display Access (RDA) and
Service Advisor Remote which allow for troubleshooting when a technician can’t be physically
in the machine.

Why upgrade?

These terminals work using cellular connections which means they require the same cell towers
that our phones use. As we move into 2022, 3G connections will no longer be available through
our current cell tower infrastructure. This means that all 3G MTG terminals will become
obsolete on December 31st, 2021.

Starting this July, JDLink is going to be moving away from the subscription model. This means
that all customers can enable JDLink connectivity on any compatible MTG in their organization
at no additional charge.

How do we upgrade?

Because every operation is uniquely different the best option would be to contact your sales rep for exact pricing.

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