When to Park the Mower For the Season

When to Park the Mower For the Season

Should I mow the grass in the fall, and if so, how often?

The short answer is yes, you should continue to mow your lawn as long as the grass continues to grow. This in an integral part of fall lawn care and should be done weekly as needed throughout the autumn months. However, you can gradually lower your cutting height (beginning in early fall) for as long as your grass is growing. It is important to maintain a grass height of one to two inches at the end of the season so that your lawn will be at the ideal height to weather the cold winter months.

When should I stop mowing the lawn for the season?

Once your grass stops actively growing, you can stop mowing and start the process of prepping your lawn for winter. It is important to remember that fall lawn care is crucial to keeping your grass hardy throughout the cold winter months, so that you can start spring with a healthy lawn.

How do I prep my lawn for fall and winter?

Prepping your lawn for winter can make a huge difference in the lushness of your yard come spring. On your last mow of the season, cut the grass to a height of one to two inches. This will help prevent brown spots (known as snow mold) on your lawn in spring. Fall leaves can smother your grass, so make sure to use a mulching mower to mulch your leaves into small pieces before winter sets in. Feeding and seeding your lawn is also an important aspect of fall lawn care. Seeding your lawn six to eight weeks before the first hard freeze can set you up for a beautiful, robust yard when spring arrives.

After your last mow, make sure to prep your lawn mower for winter. 

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