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Clear the way with John Deere Contracts.

John Deere state and local contracts through Grossenburg Implement & Sourcewell

Reduce the time, hassle and expense generated during the bid process to get the equipment you need to get the job done. Obtain high-quality, cost-effective John Deere equipment from Grossenburg Implement for your agency through your state contract or cooperative contract membership.

With your state or cooperative contract - Sourcewell, your agency has access to a competitively bid, nationally leveraged contract regardless the size of your agency. Membership is cost-free and is the easy way to purchase the John Deere equipment you need.

Clear those piles away.

All John Deere equipment purchased through Sourcewell backed by Grossenburg Implement and supported by factory-trained technicians and features a parts network that runs like clockwork.

Let’s get started.

Contact your Grossenburg location or salesperson for equipment demos and in-person assistance to work with you to get the right equipment and help you get the job done.


Everything you need to clear even the biggest job sites.

The options are easy.
Cash flow management is vital to government agencies and can be a great source of stress. Count on John Deere for relief. We offer competitive procurement and leasing options to help you optimize your cash flow and acquire the equipment and supplies you need when you need them.

Municipal leases? Operating leases? Of course.
Leasing is a smart alternative to purchasing. Lease payments more closely match machine use so budgets are more efficiently used. Choose a Municipal Lease with a one-to-five-year term and ownership at the end. For short term projects with very specific equipment needs, select an Operating Lease. Two-to-five-year terms with an attractive purchase option at the end should you decide to keep the equipment.

Flexible payment packages? Count on it.
Help your budget take you further. Select a low-rate installment program with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments.

Non-appropriation of funds clause? No problem.
All John Deere government leases feature a Non-Appropriation of Funds Clause. This clause ensures that if your funding is changed for any reason your lease can be cancelled without penalty.

What’s right for your agency?
Contact your dealer salesperson to review the options that fit your needs. We streamline the process and answer all your questions.  All sales go through  Grossenburg Implement - which keeps the proceeds of every sale in your local community.

Save time and money with a buying cooperative.
If you are not covered by a state, federal or NASPO ValuePoint contract, don’t worry. You can make your purchases through one of four buying cooperatives. Each one is a nationwide competitively bid and awarded purchasing contract filled with John Deere equipment and solutions available to government, education and non-profit entities - regardless of the size of your agency. Becoming a member is free, no strings attached. Gaining access to great deals on John Deere equipment? That’s priceless.
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