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+Gain Ground with 8 Series Tractors | John Deere

Model Year 2022 updates to the 8 Series Tractors include the new Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) on 8R wheel models, and integrated ExactRate™ Tractor Tanks on the 8RX four-track tractors. Both allow you to disperse weight over a larger surface area to minimize ground compaction, soil disturbance, and slip so you can work at faster field speeds and gain ground during tight operating windows.- +Gain Ground with 8 Series Tractor - ExactRate™ Tractor Tanks - 1,000 Gallon Fertilizer Capacity - ExactRate™ Fluid Transfer System

John Deere AutoPath™

Automatically create guidance for any “next” in field pass based upon actual planted crop row to protect nutrient investment, stay off growing crop, and eliminate the guesswork of guess rows at harvest or spraying, regardless of equipment size.

+Gain Ground with Comfort and Control in 9 Series Tractors | John Deere

The new cab on our 9 Series Tractors is loaded with all the comfort you need to make long days feel short. Plus, these tractors come standard with a JDLink™ connection so you can stream data to the John Deere Operations Center to gain ground in your operation. You also can benefit from the support of your local dealer through John Deere Connected Support.™ - Gain More with Our Cabs - Automotive-Like Features - AutoTrac™ Guidance - Get to Work Faster with the StarFire™ 6000 Receiver - Smooth Suspension for a Level Ride - Day-Long Comfort & Convenience.

+Gain Ground with Hagie Single-Tank-Solution Sprayers | John Deere

The new Hagie single-tank-solution (STS) Sprayers combine the best of Hagie innovation with John Deere technology. Improvements in spray accuracy, machine operation, and an all-new cab make the Hagie STS Sprayers your sprayer of choice for full-season application work.
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